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Sarah Busse’s collection, Somewhere Piano, (Mayapple 2012), was awarded the CWW’s Posner Award. She teaches at the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival and at the Loft, blogs at patheos.com (as Sarah Sadie), and in her spare time writes #sexyvoterhaiku.

Wendy Vardaman is the author of Obstructed View (Fireweed Press 2009) and Reliquary of Debt (Lit Fest Press 2015). She designs, edits & writes independently. With husband, Thomas DuBois, she has three adult children and has never owned a car.

Together Sarah and Wendy are co-editors of Echolocations, Poets Map Madison and Local Ground(s)—Midwest Poetics, founding co-editors of Cowfeather Press, and Poets Laureate of Madison, Wisconsin (2012-2015).

To build the poem included here, they collected material via Twitter and Facebook using #WriteYourMadison, then compiled and designed the poem included in Poets Respond to Madison.“Write Your Madison” is an ongoing project.

They would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to this project: Amylia Yeaman; Andrea Potos; Andy Gricevich; Annette Grunseth; Araceli Esparza; Beth Ellen Jack; Beth Tornes; Brian Quinn; Carolyn Zilinski; Caryl Farkas; Cathryn Cofell; Eric and Heather ChanSchatz; Charlie Rossiter; Chris Godxilla Taylor; Cris Carusi; Cristina Norcross; David Simmons; Deborah Adelman; Diane Hardy; E. C. Richardson; Ed Werstein; Erin O’Brien; F. J. Bergmann; Fabu; Gillian Nevers; Helen Epstein; J.D. Whitney; Jim Landwehr; Johannah Siragusa; Kate Stalker; Kevin Freeman; Lisa Cihlar; Lisa Marie Brodsky Auter; Lonny Smith; Margaret Benbow; Margaret Rozga; Marjorie Altman Tessler; Mark DuRussel; Martha Kaplan; Metta Sáma; Michael Koehler; Miona Short; Morgan Harlow; Nat Beagley; Nydia Rojas; Oliver Bendorf; Oscar Mireles; Rebecca Sample Bernstein; Richard Davidson; Ronnie Hess; Rubén Medina; Sara Alvarado; Shoshauna Shy; Stacey Pelika; Steel Wagstaff; Tammy Quall; Tom Dale; Tom Montag; Trent Hone; @whimsicalicicle; Yahara Music; Brigette Fiedler; Collin Gillis; Dan S. Wang; Karma Chávez; Gregory Pings; Madison College; MMoCA.


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