Write Your Madison / #WriteYourMadison

Write Your Madison, an event-based and digital place-making project by Madison’s Poets Laureate and Cowfeather Press invites collaboration and conversation through poetry about your Madison. Use #WriteYourMadison at Twitter to advertise Madison poetry events, post links to poems, post poems about Madison in video or jpg form, or talk poetry in Madison and beyond. Occasional calls are issued with partners like Metro Bus and Madison Museum of Contemporary Art on Twitter and the Cowfeather website.

Thanks to the organizations & individuals who have generously featured poems from Echolocations in public places: on rental bicycles (Madison B-Cycle); between bathrooms (Crescendo Espresso Bar); as a handmade Picket Fence Edition (Russell Gardner); as part of the poem & photo exhibit “Beyond the Water’s Edge” (Dane Co. Watershed Commission); as part of “Reflections: Madison,” an exhibit curated by David Wells at Monona Terrace through September, 2014.

Where are Echolocations’ Poems Set in Madison? Go to the larger Google Map here.

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