Potlick Junction Retreats with Sarah Sadie Busse


And where (and what) (and who) is Potlick Junction? Signs point to sorrow and humor and salad. It is the riches of life, shared around the table, or discovered in the margins of our books. Potlick Junction is a space, a place, an ever-evolving community and process. It is a state of mind, a gathering of souls, a standing invitation and a shindig on the move.

Potlick Junction could be you. We don’t promise safe journey, for what path worth the traveling is ever safe? But we can give you a place to find a comfortable bed for the night, an ear to hear your story, a glass of cool water or a warm mug of soup. Potlick Junction is that place you locate your ground truths and move into your strange. Welcome home. Don’t forget to write.



artist: Cameron Cobden

artist: Cameron Cobden

Sarah Sadie Busse helps people connect to their creativity and to each other. Combining interests in embodied spirituality, creative endarkenment, the wisdom of the body and the power of art, she created Potlick Junction, a shindig on the move for makers, dreamers, and anyone who wants to push out of stale routines. Her third poetry chapbook, Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes was published by Five Oaks Press in 2015 and a second full-length collection, We Are Traveling Through Dark at Tremendous Speeds, was published by Lit Fest Press in spring 2016. She teaches and works with poets one on one, and hosts occasional retreats for writers and other creative types.

Find her multimedia blog at sarahsadiesadiesarah.tumblr.com. @sarahsadie1313

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