Passport to the 22nd Century | Araceli Esparza

Go ahead
Get Close—Come on now,
Even closer
Now Mind Race—search for a file and lock down a picture, idea, or thought
And look again.

A devise to be used
A chatter welcome
Picked apart
Remember this is work
Who sees the grey?
Who sees the red?
Who sees this, will look up and wonder if it will fly and bleed, beyond today
Distant lands capture a smile and it feeds the world
smiles in the curves of this painting made child

Human Highway (Human Trafficking)
Encapsulated Vaseline smell
Built in her belly
Unbuilt in his head
Not for you
Not for sale

His and Her inside parts come together into a prism rainbow
Break the steel
And be again, but never forget the hands left behind.

Black and White #3 (Coal)
The symbols used are stories of how an emotion is defined
Break apart
Proletarian worker
Iron woman
Happy children faces
Her hands build flower blossoms.
Her work cannot be contained
A pregnant front
A working back


Hot, Hot, Hot to the bones
a small spy
Beneath the flex
Generating rock
Late notice           final notice
Spot me           jack me           spat me
I am energy
Zip Zap

Trees skirt and scratch the sky
Blue Bottle trees
I remember spring
And tracking foot prints in the snow to find inspiration and
A promise for a new millennium
Comes with problem solving energies and n sync beings.
Who sees the grey?
Who sees the red?

How old is my war child? (War)
Through the embryo
I see him with a MP-40 on one hand and a Stahlhelm on his head
Through his veins I smell him
Rotten egg
He is long, lengthy and
I look for his face
He opens his mouth and trashes his bother apart
I return with a clenched jaw
Back talking
Bleed through
To the next child, and to the next
Spreading his war
How can I abort him?
Peel him from our landscape?
How can the forests, sky, and oceans forget his blood?
Without a piercing, his is coated in silver
With M1-Grand on each side, and drones for friends
His tongue, blisters with lies and hate
For him to be engaged is to breathe, eradication, annulation, slaughter,
Lambs and Lions are left as dust as my war child
Rages on.


Total Mind Upload/Education
Skills cost money
And this class is divided.
So much they went north, east, west and south and built new places where invitations
Were needed
They left behind the
Painted scooped out minds,
Puppet like smiles,
Orchestrated happiness,
The get to the end of your day teachers and
Long white hallways, and
Compost disguised as food.

She tells me from the backseat
“One day I will be the leader and I will give everyone a chance and I will be fair.”

She Is No Child
Pure animal with Gazelle instincts
She will work hard for the humans.

Araceli Esparza

Araceli Esparza is from Madison, Wisconsin; her mother and grandmother were migrant farm workers from Guanajuato, Mexico. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree with a focus on children’s literature from Hamline University. Araceli is currently working on a picture book collection. Her photography has been on display at the Overture Center and her poetry has been published in many print and online journals including Verse Wisconsin,DePaul University, and the anthology I Didn’t Know There Were Any Latinos in Wisconsin.

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