I Didn’t Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin: Three Decades of Hispanic Writing (third edition)

edited by Oscar Mireles

Above: Authors from I Didn’t Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin at the Madison book launch. Front row: Nydia Rojas, Leana Nakielski, Oscar Mireles (editor), Nayla Chehade, Margarita Dumit. Back row: Dominic Ledesma Perzichilli, Angela Trudell Vasquez, Tomy C. Tepepa-Carmona, Moisés Villavicencio Barras, Sara Alvarado, Rubén Medina

softcover, literature
Cover Art: Ben Seydewitz
ISBN 978-0-9846568-5-1
LCCN 2014947554

mirelesTwenty-five years ago Oscar Mireles published the anthology, I Didn’t Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin: 20 Hispanic Poets. This third volume in the series includes the work of more than thirty authors of poetry, essay, memoir, and fiction and demonstrates once again the breadth and depth of Latino/a writing and literature in Wisconsin. Not strangers, not new arrivals, these authors represent an important part of the region’s cultural and social fabric. Written sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, and sometimes in a dynamic mixture of both languages, Mireles’ anthology helps to extend many narratives: not only of what it means to be Latino/a in the Midwest, but also what it means to be Midwestern.

I Didn’t Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin is a timely and important collection of work that brings to the attention of scholars, pundits, and society-at-large a narrative of a Latino community that would otherwise not receive the attention it merits. The editor brings a centered and multifaceted narrative of a long-standing Wisconsin Latino population that, while it shares many cultural and ethnic elements with a national pan-ethnic identity, has its own uniqueness that comes from the Latino experience in Wisconsin.—Armando Ibarra, PhD

Yes, America, we are here, have been here and will continue to be here! If you didn’t know there were Latinos in Wisconsin… well now you do, and this greatest country on earth needs to know that the so-called “sleeping giant” has been awake for some time thanks to Oscar Mireles and his…not first, not second but third installment of the anthology! A great read, a must for college students and beyond. ¡Orale! —Ric Salinas, founding member of Culture Clash

This wonderful book edited by Oscar Mireles features more Latino poets and writers than the 2nd edition, and introducing new Latino poets and writer,s needs to be read, shared, exchanged, promoted at schools, discussed in community meetings. …[It’s] still an uphill struggle in the “vineyard of Latino culture promoting the beauty of our language, the sensual sounds of our soul, and the tragedy and comedy of the Latino journey to America,” as Walter Sava writes in the preface to this edition. Yes! Congratulations Oscar for bring new voices, perspectives, emotions and diverse feelings that militate against cultural assimilation so that truly the “best days of ‘Latino Culture’ in America” lie still ahead for you and your children, Oscar, and their children to come, for our collective humanity!!—Craig Allen Castro

Oscar Mireles has published over 100 poems. He is the editor of two previous anthologies, I Didn’t Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin: 20 Hispanic Poets(Focus Communications,1989) and I Didn’t Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin: 30 Hispanic Writers (Focus Communications, 1999), and the author of Second Generation (Focus Communications, 1985). He is the father of four children and worked as the Principal of Omega School, Madison, for over twenty years. He also was a high school wrestling coach.

Oscar Mireles (right) with comedian Al Madrigal

Oscar Mireles (right) with comedian Al Madrigal

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Sara Alvarado
Mike Alvarez
Jorge Ávalos
María Guadalupe Aviña Hernandez
Javier Oscar Barbosa-Mireles
Ruth Behar
Faustina Bohling
Brenda Cárdenas
Nayla Chehade
Nora Cruz
Daisy Cubias
Margarita Dumit
Araceli Esparza
Rafael Gomez
Roberto Harrison
Kurt Heinzelman
Armando Ibarra
Rubén Medina
Pilar Melero
Oscar Mireles
Luana Monteiro
Jennifer Morales
Carmen Alicia Murguia
Leana Nakielski
Roberto Pachecano
Raquel Paraiso
Michael Penn
Dominic James Ledesma Perzichilli
Margarita Pignataro
Gloria Reyes
Nydia Rojas
Rosa Salinas-Hultman
Raymundo Saudia
Walter Sava
Christopher Soriano Ledesma
Tomy C. Tepepa-Carmona
Angie Trudell Vasquez
Moisés Villaviencio Barras
Anthony Zwaga

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