Echolocations, Poets Map Madison

echolocationsedited by Sarah Sadie Busse, Wendy Vardaman & Shoshauna Shy

ISBN 978-0-9846568-4-4, softcover, poetry
November 2013
also available as a Kindle book
Group Discussions: Download pdf of questions and promts

Proceeds benefit the Madison Poet Laureate Fund. Read more about the Madison Poet Laureate programa volunteer position overseen by the Madison Arts Commission.

Here’s a literary block party filled with both echoes and locations, as more than 100 poets share poems that refer to specific Madison places. Long-time residents live next door to writers who passed through for only a while. Local streets intersect with myth, history, personal narrative and ecology. More than geography, more than chronology, what emerges is something akin to the shifting psyche of a city. Poem by poem, a new map evolves, folds back upon its own stories, and rewrites itself over and over through its sounds and its silences, taking into account a variety of perspectives, a multitude of voices. In the end these poets ask us, How many Madisons are there?


EchoLaunch Event

Event photos by Martha Kaplan. Audio from Echolocations’ contributors. Poetry collage, “Found Sound” & local haiku created 11-23-13 at the book launch.


Music from the original CD by Crestwood Elementary, All I Hear Is Crickets: Madison Geography and The Sound of Music. Read more about the CD.

Where are Echolocations’ Poems Set in Madison?

Go to the larger Google Map here.

Write Your Madison / #WriteYourMadison

Echolocations is part of Write Your Madison, an event-based and digital place-making project by Madison’s Poets Laureate and Cowfeather Press inviting collaboration and conversation through poetry about your Madison. Use #WriteYourMadison at Twitter to advertise Madison poetry events, post links to poems, post poems about Madison in video or jpg form, or talk poetry in Madison and beyond.

Thanks to the organizations & individuals who have generously featured poems from Echolocations in public places: on rental bicycles (Madison B-Cycle); between bathrooms (Crescendo Espresso Bar); as a handmade Picket Fence Edition (Russell Gardner); as part of the poem & photo exhibit “Beyond the Water’s Edge” (Dane Co. Watershed Commission); as part of “Reflections: Madison,” an exhibit curated by David Wells at Monona Terrace through September, 2014.

Use #WriteYourMadison on Twitter.

Visual & Audio material

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