About Cowfeather

Wendy Vardaman and Sarah Busse

Wendy Vardaman and Sarah Busse, UW-Madison, International Learning Community, 2015

Cowfeather began as a project of Verse Wisconsin in 2011 under the name Cowfeather Press. Since then we have designed face-to-face, print, and digital events and projects; published anthologies, books, and ebooks as well as ephemera; and collaborated with individuals, organizations, and institutions for the purpose of creating conversation about poetry that results in deeper connections and interdisciplinary discussion.
Cowfeather Projects is committed to developing the role of poetry and poetic language in civic discourse, expanding and connecting communities of poets, artists, and thinker-makers of all kinds, and developing creative community.

Books from Cowfeather Press can be purchased from their authors or online at Amazon.com. Some titles are available as Kindle ebooks.

A series of projects coordinated by two women with two laptops, Cowfeather Projects is not a publisher and does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you are interested in learning more or exploring a collaboration contact us: Sarah Sadie Busse & Wendy Vardaman, Cowfeather Projects, and sign up for our newsletter below.




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