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  • In my own work, activism and poetry have always been wedded. For me, poetry is a vital part of a life lived leaning toward an other light, a different vision of how to be in the world. Humbly, as I place myself among those who seek justice, equality, a sustainable relationship to our planet—who seek change, I hold up my own small lamp of assembled words and images.

  • Poetry is a spiritual practice. We need to be inspiring and re-inspiring each other all the time—coming back to our first Love. Because it’s just so easy to get hopeless when you’re fed corporate messages of hopelessness all the time. So maybe more than anything, we need to remind ourselves and each other not to believe the lie. We need to remind each other that more is possible than what our eyes tell us.

  • Poetry works in a different register from prose, and so it offers the possibility of reaching people in a different way, a way I think that is more compelling.

  • Last night I asked a group of men in Red Granite Correctional why they thought this work was important. One man said it makes them feel more human and connected. One man said it was all about giving a voice to the voiceless.

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